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T-Shirt Ideas, Episode 3: Birthday Fun

Birthday tshirt

A great way to celebrate your day of birth and also a great way to pick out semi-intelligent folks at the bar.

“Are you getting married?” – Person at bar who doesn’t get t-shirt

“No.” – Me, walking away


T-Shirt Ideas, Episode 2: Pepsi is O.K.


Please stop asking me if it’s ok.

Yes, the other brand of brown, frizzy, caffeinated deliciousness will do. Just bring a pitcher. Please.

(I’m using the old logo because the new one is a little too Orwell-esque for my taste).

T-Shirt Ideas, Episode 1: Beast of Burden

Beast of Burden T-Shirt

I’ve spent countless dollars (ok, 17) playing this song at dive bars to make myself feel better about 2 semi-uninterrupted years on the dating scene. No, it’s not because no man that fits my taste wants to date me, it’s because I don’t want to be a burden. It helps me sleep at night, so get off me.