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Dating Tips: Episode 1, Get Any Guy at the Sports Bar

So you want to nab a football fan. Someone who will share the victory, the defeat and hundreds of buffalo wings and beers.

bears hat

Well, here’s how you do it.

On any Sunday between the months of August and November, you don the NFL hat of your choice and stroll into a sports bar.

Once there, you will instantly attract attention from drooling males.

It is here that you must make a choice. What do you want from this man?

A Date?

Just sit quietly at the bar. It will happen.

A Ring?

This will require a little more work on the front end. You will need to utilize Internet sport references. The goal here is to be able to throw out a line like this:

[Setting: Quarterback throws an incomplete pass, turnover on downs. You turn to the man of your choice and say..]

“You know, [Quarterback name] just doesn’t compare to [Hall of Fame Quarterback’s name]. It just doesn’t get much better than that play in the 4th quarter against the Cowboys in ’91 when he faked the hail mary and ran it in for 6.”

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