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Book Smart Adventures, Episode 3

A recent dialogue between my company’s affiliate manager and one of our many tech-savvy online affiliates:

print-screen-directions“You will need to take a screen shot of what you’re talking about and send  it to me,” – Affiliate Manager

“Can you take a screen shot for me? I don’t have a camera.” – Affiliate

If I could think up things like this myself, I could join the script-writing team for The Office.

Oh well.


Book Smart Adventures: Episode 2

When I was in 11th grade, my AP English class had a discussion about AIDS for some strange reason.

We discussed how it is often referred to as the gay disease and as the discussion progressed, I decided to share my confusion.

“But I thought it was called the gay disease because when you get AIDS, it turns you gay?” – Me

“You thought all the drug dealers.. and MAGIC JOHNSON were gay?” – Relatively smart boy in my class

Good times.

Book Smart Adventures: Episode 1

Every day is an adventure when you are book smart.

I tried to make iced coffee at work today by mixing ice with steaming hot coffee.

My coworkers lost a lot of respect for my intelligence.