Cops need better music

My car is on empty.

I have a $25 Shell gift card and I passed a Shell station on my last drive.

Drove right by.

Why? Because D’yer Maker was playing on the radio.

My thought: If cops had better music on their radios, maybe they would only stop people when they’re doing something with a high degree of unlawfullness.

If Barbie Girl had been playing, unless I was in some really goofy mood, I would have stopped and gotten gas. But since a good song was playing, instant combustion would have been about the only reason for me to stop those sound waves from transmitting through my speakers and into my ear lobes.

Don’t get me wrong.

If someone is going 60 in a 35, turn on those blue lights, that’s cool. But “incomplete stops” at stop signs, dude, you just need some better tunes.


One response to “Cops need better music

  1. Wouldn’t the cops need to be able to listen to all that dispatch info that comes up on the radio? Otherwise yeah, Led Zep would be the way to go.

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